Air Pictorial 1976-03
M.Allward - Canadair CL-215 /Design profile/
A Canadair CL-215 operated by the Quebec Government puts 6 tons of water on to a forest fire in less than a second
Quebec CL-215 CF-TXE scoops up water from a lake.
Search and Rescue CL-215. The ability to operate from both land and water, good all-round visibility, and a 13 1/2-hour patrol endurance, make the CL-215 an ideal aircraft for fishery protection and sovereignty surveillance duties
A Quebec Government CL-215, CF-PQJ, drops its 1.200-gal. (6-ton) water load on a fire in less than a second. The load covers an area ot approx. 350 ft. x 40 ft. with the equivalent ol 1 mm. of rain, sufficient to dampen and retard a typical fire for 15 minutes. This particular aircraft has since been sold to France
A CL-215 in action against a fire in a narrow valley
CF-YXG, one of two Quebec CL-215s fitted with underwing spray-bars to spread insecticide. These aircraft have been used against the highly destructive spruce budworm in the Province's forests
F-ZBAY, one of the dozen CL-215s delivered to France's Protection Civile
Typical payload lor the CL-215 when operated as a utility transport (CF-YWO in right foreground).
CL-215s under construction at the Canadair plant near Montreal
Top: CL-204 twin-boom floatplane project. Centre: Original CL-215 design with blister cockpit, parasol wing and T-tail. Bottom : Production CL-215