Air Pictorial 1976-10
M.Allward - Hawker Siddeley's Coastguarder /Design Profile/
Established long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft such as the Hawker Siddeley Nimrod and Lockheed P-3 Orion (photo) are far too expensive for territorial waters patrol work, largely due to their complex anti-submarine equipment which is not required for simple recce duties
The Convair Catalina, one of the ageing types still used by some countries for inshore maritime patrol work. Aircraft illustrated is a PBY-5A of the Argentine Navy
Potential rival to the Coastguarder is Fokker's Maritime F.27 Friendship which took part in this year's Farnborough display.
Artist's impression of the Coastguarder with the optional large rear door, which can be opened in flight. Note radome under the nose
Typical Coastguarder surveillance cabin layout. The 12-in. launch chute at the rear of the cabin is for dropping marker buoys, flares and small dinghies.
Search and rescue layout, with dinghies. Here up to twelve 30-man dinghies can be carried - sufficient to accommodate a Boeing 747's crew and passenger complement
Hawker Siddeley Coastguarder
Potential rival to the Coastguarder is D.H. Canada's Ranger, a new reconnaissance development of the Dash 7 which is expected to fly towards the end of 1978