Aeroplane Monthly 1977-01
Concorde 203 made the first Concorde landing at Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport during a tour of the Orient and Pacific areas early in November 1976.
Mr A. F. Carlyle’s Sopwith F.l Camel replica (145-h.p. Warner Super Scarab) G-AWYY/C1701 now based at Old Warden, was demonstrated in public for the first time by Neil Williams on October 31, 1976. Built in 1969 as the Slingsby Type 57 for a Universal Pictures film which never materialised, it joined a flying circus in Virginia, USA, as N1917H. It returned to Britain last May and was overhauled by the Shuttleworth Trust, making its first flight after restoration on October 25. The engine is a 145 h.p. Warner Super Scarab radial.
The first of six Hawker Siddeley AV-8As ordered through the USA for the Spanish Navy is seen at Lambert St Louis International airport during flight trials. Two TAV-8As are also on order.
Half a dozen Hawker Hurricane IIcs of No 1 Squadron, RAF, about September 1942. The nearest aircraft is Z3778.
The first Westland Lynx for the Royal Netherlands Navy, serial 260, was officially handed over at Yeovil on 15th November, 1976, and has since joined the joint R.N./R.Neth.N. I.F.T.U. at Yeovilton. It is also the first Lynx for export. The first six Dutch Lynx will be used for search and rescue, communications and training (Dutch designation UH-14A) by No. 7 Squadron and ten up-rated Lynx will serve with No. 86 Squadron on anti-submarine duties from R. Neth. N. frigates
The Battle of Britain Flight’s Spitfire V AB910, on our inside front cover, was photographed by PETER M. WARREN in November 1969, when Wg Cdr George Black was having a final flip before leaving the Flight, then based at Coltishall.
The US Navy Grumman F-14 Tomcat which rolled off the USS John F. Kennedy into the North Sea on September 14, 1976 was finally recovered in November and shipped back to the USA.
Leisure Sport’s Fokker Dr.l Triplane replica G-BEFR, seen here minus interplane struts, made its first flight from St Just, Land’s End, on October 30, 1976.
Delivered last October, Iran Air's first Boeing 747-286B "Combi", EP-IAG, will be joined this month by a second. In all-passenger configuration the "Combi" seats 479, while in a typical mixed layout it can carry 277 passengers plus the cargo load of a 707 freighter. In addition to the "Combi" Iran Air have two Boeing 747SPs in service and will be taking delivery of their third in May. The type will be used initially on special flights within the Middle East.
Westland Commando Mk.2B G-BDVL was delivered to Egypt as WA805 and returned to Yeovil as XZ741.
Shuttleworth’s 1910 Deperdussin Monoplane (35-h.p. Anzani) excelled itself at Old Warden on October 31 1976, when Dick Martin flew it on a complete circuit of the aerodrome.
Pannier-equipped Handley Page H.P.70 Halifax CVIIl military transport PP285, c/n 1358, powered by four Bristol Hercules 100 engines, was photographed by CHARLES E. BROWN early in 1945. Although many Halifax transports joined the civil register, PP285 served only in the RAF.
Handley Page H.P.67 Hastings C.1 TG505 upp from its RAF Scampton base in July 1976.
Вертолет "Си Кобра", переоборудованный в "Супер Кобру". Открыт ящик боекомплекта
One of two Bell AH-1J Sea Cobras now converted to Super Sea Cobras, with the 1,970 s.h.p. T400-WV-402 Twin Pac. Ten production aircraft are on order as the AH-1T.