Air International 1982-05
Airdata File
Beech Aircraft has introduced a new turbocharged version of the Bonanza, designated the B36TC, to replace the A36TC. Deliveries began in March following certification in January. It has a wing span of 37ft 10in (11,31 m), 4ft 4in (1,32 m) greater than before, and fuel capacity is up by 28 US gal (1061) at 102 US gal (3861). The B36TC has empty and gross weights of2,338 lb (1060 kg) and 3,850 lb (1 746 kg); the max speed is 213 kt (395 km/h), initial rate of climb is 1,049 ft/min (5,3 m/sec) and range with IFR reserves is up to 1,293 mis (2080 km).
Photograph of the Grob G-110 on an early test flight. It is constructed primarily of composite materials.
The Robin ATL, depicted in this three-view drawing, is a "very light aeroplane" project that, like the Grob G-110, is largely of composite construction.
В ходе испытаний на второй прототип Robin R.3140 установили отклоненные вверх законцовки крыла. Все самолеты семейства R.3000 имели Т-образное хвостовое оперение.
Three-view drawing of the Robin R 3140, showing the definitive wing planform now adopted.