Air International 1984-09
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The Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon-F interceptor fighter, which still fulfils an important role with the Soviet APVO, although now being progressively supplanted by fighters possessing lookdown capability, is seen in planview with airbrakes extended.
First flown in December 1956, and in service with the USAF since May 1959, the Convair F-106A Delta Dart is now nearing the end of its life as the primary fighter for the defence of Continental USA. Thirteen squadrons of Air Defence Command have flown the F-106A during its service lifetime, including the 460th FIS, Oxnard AFB, Calif, in whose markings this example is shown, with squadron commander's stripes on the fuselage.
In the early 'seventies, F-106As were transferred from several of the regular Air Force squadrons to Air National Guard units. One such to receive Delta Darts was the 159th FIS, 125th Fighter Interceptor Group, of the Florida ANG at Jacksonville, Florida.
F-106A-95-CO serial 58-0780 also served with the 159th FIS in the Florida ANG. It was painted in this distinctive manner for the 1976 US Bicentennial celebrations.
An F-106A-110-CO of the 87th Fighter Interceptor Squadron based at K I Sawyer AFB, Michigan. This is the squadron commander's aircraft, and is carrying on the nose a US Bicentennial logo and the squadron's bull's head insignia.
A stylised eagle provides the basis for the fin and rudder markings adopted by the 49th FIS at Griffiss AFB, New York - one of the final group of regular Air Force units to fly the F-106A Delta Dart. This is an F-106A-120-CO.
In the markings of the 194th FIS, California ANG, in 1980, this illustration of an F-106B shows the longer canopy and raised fuselage top line of the two- seat version of the Delta Dart produced as an operational conversion trainer.