Air International 1985-12
M.Hirst - Avionics Update 1986
This McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle has recently begun/light testing of the USAF’s Joint Tactical Information Distribution System, which provides the pilot with a colour display that locates and identifies other aircraft, and surface-to-air missile launch sites, in the vicinity.
Initial production models of the F-16 Fighting Falcon had Westinghouse AN/APG-65 radar. Although it provided hitherto unattainable target detection performance from such a small unit, it was soon found to he lacking in certain respects, but a new receiver/processor system, and some repackaging, was able to improve performance further. The new radar, AN/APG-66 is used in the current production General Dynamics F-16C.
The cockpit of the F-16C Fighting Falcon, which is the version delivered to the USAF since July 1984 with improved pilot-aircraft interface features including wide-angle HUD with FLIR video, multifunction displays, up front controls, radar altimeter and data transfer unit.