Air International 1985-12
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A Hind-D of the Forca Aerea Populaire de Angola for use against UNITA guerrillas.
A Hind-D operated by an attack helicopter regiment of the Ceskoslovenske Letectvo.
A Hind-D of the Adolf von Lutzow Regiment of the DDR's Luftstreitkrafte.
Hind-D of the Iraqi Air Force used in the fight­ing against Iranian forces.
Hind-D of the Nicaraguan Fuerza Aerea Sandinista used against right wing guerrillas.
Hind-D of the Soviet Armeiskaya Aviatsiya, the Army's air component.
Kum Suk No's MiG-15bis immediate­ly after its arrival at Kimpo
Kum Suk No's MiG-15bis with the various markings subsequently employed during the USAF flight test phase of its career and its final relegation as a museum exhibit.