Flight 1935-06
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THE DAWN RAID "Harts" of No. 57 (Bomber) Squadron from Upper Heyford off on a raid over Northland
Dual control has been arranged in a neat manner which, obviates the necessity of having two control columns or the swing over type. The "Falcon" is extremely economical, 20 miles to the gallon, comparable to a light car, and with a top speed of 145 m.p.h. and cruising of 125 m.p.h. is faster than any other 3/4 seater of similar horse power. Easier to fly, quicker take-off, and lower landing speed are obtained with the hydraulically operated Miles split flaps, and with them 10% REBATE IN INSURANCE.
The fuselage of the Miles "Falcon" is unusually wide, and comfort has been specially considered in the design of the seating accommodation. The roof, sides and floor of the cabin are doubled, and between is packed a special light soundproof material, resulting in a very high degree of sound insulation being attained. The noise of the airscrew and engine has been so reduced that passengers may converse easily and without strain. The new type windscreen prevents rain from obscuring the view and at the same time affords the occupants an extensive outlook.
The nose of the R. A.F.'s new 152 m.p.h. medium bomber, the "Overstrand," showing the mechanical turret.
SARO LONDON. Used for many years by the R.A.F. and on active service during the early part of the war, the Saro London Mk. 2 was a twin-engined open-sea reconnaissance flying-boat biplane. The motors were Bristol Pegasus X supercharged radials of 1,000 h.p. each. First Londons were produced in 1934. There was a gun- and bomb-aimers' position in the nose and further gunners' positions amidships, and in the tail of the hull. Span was 80 ft.; length 56 ft. 6 in.; all-up weight 18,400 lb.; and top speed 155 m.p.h. at 6,560 ft.
The FAIREY "Swordfish" Torpedo-Spotter-Reconnaissance Type Aircraft
The Avro 626 machines illustrated form part of a recent order for the Egyptian Army Air Force.
D.H. 86 as supplied to Imperial Airways
THE HAWKER "DEMON." Rolls-Royce "Kestrel" engine. A two seater aircraft possessing excellent fighting qualities and unequalled performance.