Air Enthusiast 1971-09
H.Taylor - Flying the "Flying Suitcase" /Viewed from the Cockpit/
Handley Page Hampden I built in Canada and later converted into a torpedo bomber.
Кабина Hampden с плоским лобовым остеклением и одним неподвижным пулеметом Browning по левому борту скорее напоминает кабину одноместного истребителя, а не среднего бомбардировщика.
The cockpit of the Hampden was "cramped and cluttered’’, says the author of this article, but was well positioned to afford the pilot a view from wing-tip to wing-tip. This illustration clearly shows how the control column (with gun-firing button below the three-quarter wheel) obscured the directional gyro on the standard blind-flying panel, as well as one of the fuel gauges and the compass, on the floor.
A Hampden TB Mk I torpedo-bomber (with enlarged bomb-bay) in the markings of No 489 Squadron, a New Zealand unit serving with the RAF.
DAGGER-POWERED: The Hereford bomber as in production at the Short and Harland works. This machine may be considered as a Hampden fitted with Napier Dagger 24-cylinder H-shaped air-cooled engines. Several have already been completed.