Air Enthusiast 1971-09
??? - Natter: The "Throwaway" Fighter
The Natter M 1 on the towing trolley for mounting beneath an He 111 bomber for air-launching trials
The Natter M 3 fitted with a rudimentary fixed undercarriage.
Pre-series Natter under construction at Waldsee.
Для транспортировки Ba 349 к пусковой установке использовалась тележка. На фотографии около Ba 349A виден один из твердотопливных стартовых ракетных двигателей.
A pre-series Natter mounted on a transport trader and found by the Allies at Waldsee. One of the Schmidding take-off booster rockets may be seen in the foreground.
Bachem Ba 349A (BP 20A Natter)