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??? - Mr Mac's First Phantom: The Story of the McDonnell FH-1 /Warbirds/
BuAer 48236 was the second of the two prototypes of the McDonnell XFD-1, apparently identical in all external respects to the first prototype.
The first prototype, shown in the aerial view.
BuAer 111749, the first production FD-1.
A production model Phantom, still marked as an FD-1 in mid-1947, carrying the flush-fitting 295-US gal (1 117-l) belly drop tank.
The Phantom makes its first carrier trials aboard USS Franklin D Roosevelt on 21 July 1946 - the first pure jet of US design and the first twin-jet in the world to operate from a carrier deck. Note the fixed rod ahead of the cockpit, to protect against an arrester wire coming over the lop of the aircraft.
After several years of service for jet indoctrination of Navy Reserve pilots - this one at Colombus - the FH-1 Phantom was retired in July 1954.
FH-1 Phantom из 122-й истребительной эскадрильи КМП США, дислоцированной в Черри-Пойнт, Калифорния. Эскадрилья VMFA-122 получила свои Phantom в 1947 году и стала первой в морской пехоте США эскадрильей реактивных самолетов.
An FH-1 (as the Phantom had been redesignated in August 1947) in service with VMF-122, the Beaufort-based Marine Corps squadron.
A decade after retirement, two Phantoms were restored to airworthiness for use at a civilian jet school, but were little used.
McDonnell FH-1 Phantom