Air Enthusiast 2007-04
A.Thomas - Fledgling Eagles /Air forces/
Hart SR3 displaying the message pick-up hook fitted for the army co-operation role.
SRAU Hart SR5 (also wearing its RAF serial K3886) over the Rhodesian bush during a training flight in 1938.
Flt Lt 'Ginger' Marshall demonstrating a message pick-up during a camp at Wankie in September 1938.
The two RAF instructors Flt Lts Jimmie Powell (left) and Ginger Maxwell (right) in front of the first Southern Rhodesian military aircraft, Hart (T) SRI.
The first four Audax to arrive at Cranborne for the SRAU initially retained their RAF serials and all were fitted with underwing panniers
An Audax of 1 Squadron SRAF still un-camouflaged at a barren strip in Kenya in late 1939.
The first eight Hardys arrive in formation over Nairobi on March 7, 1940.
The SRAU's only Tiger Moth was SR7 was fitted for blind flying and in September 1939 was re-serialled as 200.