Air Enthusiast 2007-07
T.Buttler - Crusader Rivals /'Paper planes' - projects/
Had Lockheed's L-242 project won the OS-130 competition, it might have meant that something similar to this pre-series YF-104A Starfighter could have been seen operating from carriers.
Lockheed L-242-1, circa February 1953.
The prototype XF8U-1 138900 showing the variable incidence wing.
The XF8U-1 with its family forebear, the F7U-3 Cutlass.
XF8U-1 138900 landing at Edwards, California. The function of the VI wing is apparent.
Chance Vought V-384, dated January 6, 1953. Although very similar to the V-383, this design, with its Pratt & Whitney J65, was smaller.
Chance Vought V-383, dated January 6, 1953.
The XF8U-1 with its family forebear, the F7U-3 Cutlass.
Manufacturer's display model of the Grumman Model 97.
Grumman G-97, dated February 20,1953. The drawing shows the fighter carrying four Sparrow missiles and an underfuselage store.
The incredible North American F-107 first flew on September 10, 1954 with much the same format as the OS-130 entry.
North American Navy fighter project, which is thought to be the company's submission to OS-130. This drawing has been put together from two photographs of a manufacturer’s model.
McDonnell Model 90, dated February 28,1953.
One could be forgiven for thinking that this might be a model of a version of the Douglas's F4D Skyray, but is the very handsome Northrop N-94. The model was made by John Hall
Northrop N-94, dated February 16, 1953.