Goppingen Go.3 Minimoa
Страна: Германия
Год: 1935

Устойчивость и безопасное управление планером Minimoa, впервые взлетевшим в 1935 году, обеспечивались наличием стреловидного крыла с поперечным V, большими элеронами и сбрасываемым водным балластом, размещенным в фюзеляже.
TG-11, a record-setting Goppingen 3 Minimoa was previously owned by personnel closely associated with the Army glider programme and so, unlike the others, found its way to Wright Field to be photographed.
Promising cumulus: Mr. Philip Wills, inveterate long-distance pilot, prepares the beautiful Minimoa
World champion Philip Wills gives the benefit of his experience to an RAF squadron leader before a flight in the spring of 1940.
GRACE: The Minimoa sailplane in which Mr. Philip Wills has been putting up some fine performances, notably by establishing a British distance record or 206 miles and the British height record of over 10,000ft.