Farman F.62
Farman - F.62 - 1924 - Франция
Страна: Франция
Год: 1924

Единственный экземпляр
Дальний самолет-биплан
Farman F.62
Flight, August 1924

Farman F.62

Деливший обозначение с одним из вариантов двухдвигательного Goliath, Farman F.62 был на самом деле однодвигательным бипланом, унаследовавшим многие черты своего "тезки". Предназначенный для установления рекорда дальности, F.62 был на стадии проектирования оснащен дополнительными топливными баками. В качестве силовой установки использовался двигатель Farman. 16-17 июля 1924 года F.62 (F-ESAO), пилотируемый Люсьеном Купэ и Друином, установил мировой рекорд дальности на замкнутом маршруте и рекорд продолжительности полета, преодолев 2000 км по маршруту Шамполь - Шартре - Шамполь за 37 ч 59 м 10 с.


   Farman F.62

   Тип: дальний самолет-биплан
   Силовая установка: один 12-цилиндровый двигатель Farman 12We мощностью 500 л. с. (373 кВт)
   Летные характеристики: максимальная скорость 160 км/ч
   Масса: максимальная взлетная 6460 кг
   Размеры: размах крыла 25,90 м; длина 14,37 м; высота 4,90 м; площадь крыльев 170,00 мг

Flight, August 1924

The Combination which Brought the World's Duration Record Back to France

   ON July 17, 1924, the French pilots Coupet and Drouhin succeeded in establishing a new world's record for duration by remaining in the air, without refuelling, for 37 hrs. 59 mins. 10 secs. By this performance they thus beat not only previous duration flights without landing, but also, and what is more important still, the American record flight in which the machine used was refuelled from another a number of times. This is a performance of which the Farman firm may well be proud. What adds further to the merits of the flight, as far as the Farman firm is concerned, is the fact that the engine as well as the machine was of Farman design and construction. This is probably the first time, at any rate since the very early days of flying, that a French aircraft firm has established a world's record with one of its own engines.
   Before commencing a brief description of the machine and engine, both of which are illustrated herewith, it may be of interest to give an outline of the flight itself. Leaving the ground (at Chartres) at 5.02 a.m. on July 16, with 4,200 litres (924 gallons) of petrol on board, the aviators continued to circle until 7 hrs. 1 min. 10 secs, on the evening of July 17, when they again touched the ground at the Chartres aerodrome. It had been intended to attempt to establish a distance record as well as a duration record, and for the first 20 hrs. or so they flew over the route Chartres-Etampes, situated 100 km. (62 miles) apart.
   The petrol supply carried should have been sufficient for a 42-hours' flight, and but for the bad weather which set in there is little doubt that the Farman would have remained up for considerably more than the 38 hrs. actually attained. Over the Chartres-Etampes course, Drouhin and Coupet covered 1,500 km. (938 miles) in 14 hrs. 43 mins., corresponding to a mean speed of about 63.8 m.p.h. It was not until they had covered a little more than 2,000 km. (1,250 miles) that a gale sprang up, and in the darkness the two gallant aviators were unable to keep sufficiently close to their course for the official observers on the ground to keep time of their laps. It was then decided to abandon the idea of establishing an officially-observed distance record, and to confine attention to the beating of the previous duration records. As dawn was breaking they succeeded in getting on their proper course again, but by then it was too late to think of recommencing timed lapping, and the remainder of the record flight was made circling around the Chartres aerodrome and neighbourhood.
   At 3 hrs. 16 mins. 7 secs, in the afternoon, the French duration record established in 1922, by Bossoutrot and Drouhin on a Farman "Goliath," was beaten, and at 5 hrs. 6 mins. 2 secs, the world's record established by MacReady and Kelly without refuelling was beaten. At 6 hrs. 17 mins. 14 secs, the American duration record with refuelling, established in 1923 by Smith and Richter, was exceeded, and finally at 7 hrs. 1 min. 10 secs, a landing was made at Chartres, the new world's duration record having been raised to 37 hrs. 59 mins. 10 secs.
   The machine used in the record flight was a single-engined Farman, very similar to the well-known "Goliath" but fitted with a single Farman engine of 450 h.p. in place of the two Salmson or Renault engines usually fitted in the "Goliath." The machine carries the series number Farman F.62, and has wings identical with those of the "Goliath." The fuselage also is similar, except for the nose which has been re-designed to take the large engine. The wing area of the F.62 is 170 sq. metres (1,830 sq. ft.), and the wing span is 28 metres (91 ft. 10 ins.). As it left the ground the F.62 weighed no less than 6,400 kgs. (14,100 lbs.), so that at the start the power loading was about 31.3 lbs./h.p. and the wing loading 7.7 lbs./sq. ft. The machine, nevertheless, got off well, and seemed to have a reasonably good climb.
   The Farman engine used was the type 12 W.D., which is normally rated at 400 h.p., but which develops a maximum of 520 h.p. at 2,200 r.p.m. It is of the "broad-arrow" type, with three banks of cylinders of four each. The cylinders have a bore of 130 mm. and a stroke of 160 mm. The cylinder capacity is 25.4 litres. A reduction gear is normally fitted although direct drive can be employed for fast machines. The gear ratio varies, according to the type of machine used, and the following ratios have been standardised: 2 to 1, 1.84 to 1, 1.67 to 1, and 1,5 to 1. The weight of the engine, complete with all accessories, is given as 560 kgs. (1,232 lbs.), and the petrol consumption is 220 grammes (0.484 lb.) per h.p. per hour, and the oil consumption 10 grammes (0.022 lb.) per h.p. per hour.
Унаследовавший многие особенности конструкции у машин семейства F.60, Farman F.62 был дальним самолетом с хорошо закапотированным двигателем водяного охлаждения и большим запасом топлива. Обратите внимание на радиаторы на передней части стоек кабана.
THE FARMAN F.62: Fitted with a 450 h.p. Farman engine, this machine has established a new World's Record (Duration) of 38 hours. The machine is similar to the "Goliath" except for the single engine.
HOLDER OF THE WORLD'S DURATION RECORD: The Farman F. 62, on which recently, Drouhin and Landry established a new world's record by flying for 45 hours 12 mins. without landing, covering in that time a distance of 4,400 km. (2,740 miles), which is also a record. The engine fitted is a 12-cylinder Farman of the "W" or "Broad Arrow" type.
The Farman aero engine, type 12 WD, which was fitted in the F.62 that established a new world's record for duration. The engine is of the "Broad Arrow" type, with 12 cylinders in three' banks of four each.