Sikorsky S-39
Sikorsky - S-39 - 1929 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1929
Летающая лодка

Sikorsky S-36 - S-39

  Сикорский также разработал уменьшенный вариант S-38, получивший обозначение S-39. Один такой самолет проходил оценочные испытания в Авиакорпусе Армии США в течение 1932 года под обозначением Y1C-28. Его планировали использовать в качестве прибрежного патрульного и легкого транспортного.
S-39 являлся уменьшенным вариантом S-38 и был рассчитан на пять пассажиров. Он оснащался одним двигателем Pratt & Whitney Wasp Junior.
Another Sikorsky: The S.39, a smaller version of the Sikorsky Amphibians, fitted with a 300 h.p. Pratt and Whitney "Wasp Junior" and carrying pilot and four passengers. This machine has been supplied to Personal Flying Services, Ltd.
ON SAFARI - WITH A CINE CAMERA: The two Sikorski amphibians - The Spirit of Africa with giraffe markings, and Osa's Ark with zebra markings - in which Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson have been carrying out an aerial expedition in Central Africa filming animal life.
Sikorsky S-39C NC833W photographed on a visit to Springfield. This five-seat amphibian was powered by a single 300 h.p. Wasp Junior. It was certificated in 1930 and was built at Bridgeport, Connecticut by the Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, a Division of the United Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. The 52ft span S-39 cruised at 100 m.p.h. and weighed 4,000lb fully loaded. The S-39 was derived from the twin-engined S-38, a much larger amphibian that carried up to nine passengers.
SOME PERSONAL FLYING SERVICES PERSONALITIES: Our picture shows Maj. I. N. G. Clarke (Chief Pilot), Capt. A. J. Styran (Pilot), and F. A. MaCoiser (Chief Engineer) of Personal Flying Services, Ltd., standing in front of three types of machines used by this air taxi company. These are a Desoutter, a Sikorsky S. 39 Amphibian, and a Junkers F.13 L monoplane.