Air International 2018-05
J.Kraak - Moving French mud /Military/
Transporting live weapons is a delicate operation, which is typically carried out by three to four personnel.
Rafale C 103/30-EF had tail artwork applied back in November 2017 for an event at BA705 Tours to commemorate the Armee de l'Air's aces.
Several missions were cancelled due to bad weather because of target obscurity over the firing range.
Loading a 500lb GBU-12 Paveway II laser-guided bomb onto the Rafale. The yellow line indicates the weapon is live where as the weapon on the left is marked with a blue line indicating it’s an inert practice weapon. Noting the weapon on the left, this photo clearly shows the GBU-12 kit fitted on a standard Mk82 bomb.
Armourers from ESTA15/30 load a GBU-12 onto a Rafale.
Armourer and pilot check the smoke cartridge of a LGTR. The cartridge detonates on impact to visually indicate the impact point.
A Rafale from EC 3/30 takes off from BA120 Cazaux with LGTRs loaded on each under wing pylon.