Air International 2017-08
M.Broadbent - Big Promise /Commercial/
Swiss was the C Series family launch operator. Swiss CS100, HB-JBB (c/n 50011) is captured flying near St Moritz during an appearance at the World Ski Championships.
The C Series’ all-composite wing is manufactured using an innovative new process called resin trans­fer infusion.
C Series final assembly under way in Bombardier’s Mirabel plant. Aircraft are assembled at three stations.
The robots used during final assembly each weigh 12,000kg (26,485lb) and reach a full height of 18ft 9in (5.72m).
Air Baltic, the CS300 launch operator, has orders for 20 of these aircraft.
Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics feature on the C Series, with standard features including an airport surface chart.
The cabin windows measure 16 x 11 in (279 x 406mm), similar in size to those in a Boeing 777, 25% larger than a 737's and 50% larger than those in an A320.
Space and light was a key design consideration for the cabin. There is a minimum seat width of 18.5in (470mm), the widest seats in any single-aisle, and the central aisle is 20in (508mm) wide.
The flight deck is dominated by 15.1-inch (383mm) multifunction display screens, with the large surface area of the screens designed to make it easy to find information.