Air International 2017-08
A.Mladenov - Fitter /Military/
Su-22M4 3817 is one of a dozen upgraded single-seat Fitters which the SPRP plans to operate until 2025.
Su-22M4 3817 on the Swidwin flight line.
Swidwin's flight line full of upgraded (grey) and non-upgraded Fitters.
The cockpit of a Su-22M4 still lacks a gun camera in the ASP-17VG electro-optical sight, which is set to be added during the second stage of the upgrade in 2017.
The two-seat Su-22UM3K Fitter-G has the KN-23-1 analogue navigation-attack suite with a Klen-PS laser rangefinder and designator housed in the nose cone, and an improved ASP-17BT electro-optical weapons sight in the front cockpit.
In 2010, the Polish Air Force Fitter fleet was reduced to 26 single-seat and six two-seat aircraft. During 2017 and 2018 the fleet will be further reduced to 12 single-seat and six two-seat aircraft. All non-upgraded aircraft will be grounded and used as spare parts sources.
The well-designed Fitter has a robust airframe, a reliable engine and is easy for servicing and repair.
The two-seat Su-22UM3K has a different mission suite to the single-seat Su-22M4 and limited capability to carry guided weapons but retains an effective combat capability.
Su-22UM3K 509 in its fresh grey paint scheme applied during upgrade at the WZL-2 plant. The colour scheme comprises two shades of grey applied on the upper fuselage and wings and areas painted black for anti-glare forward of the windshield and around the wing roots.
The single-seat Fitter-K has a fixed intake cone, while the two-seat Fitter-G seen here features a movable cone, which provides better operating conditions for the engine in supersonic flight.
The first group of young pilots who completed their four-year Su-22 training course in late 2016, will serve with 21.BLT at Swidwin as instructors.
Su-22UM3K 310 taxies out for an intercept training sortie, loaded with a UZR-60T captive carriage training missile.
The swing-wing Fitter is a useful asset assigned to NATO and will remain in active service until the mid-2020s for training and combat support roles.
UZR-60T captive carriage training missiles are used for training pilots in the air-to-air role.