Air International 2017-08
A.Mladenov, A.Zinchuk - Aviadarts 2017 /Military/
The Millerovo-based Su-30SM aircrews, serving with the 31st Guards IAP were ranked as the best in the fighter category.
There was also competition in the best ground crew category. These armourers prepare an OFAM-25-270 free-fall bomb for suspension on a MiG-29SMT belonging to the 14th Guards IAP.
Armourers from the 14th Guards IAP suspend a free-fall bomb under the port middle pylon of a MiG-29SMT.
A Su-34 from the 47th SAP lands after the day's second sortie loaded with B13L rocket packs.
Su-34 RF-95478 from the 47th SAP lands after a mission dedicated to air navigation and visual reconnaissance.
Su-24MR RF-93854 with a full reconnaissance payload seen taking off.
Su-24M RF-92034 launching for the day's second sortie loaded with a B8M-1 20-round pod for 80mm rockets and a sole free-fall bomb under the fuselage.
Mi-8MTV-5 RF-90672 armed with one UPK-23-250 gun pod on the inner port outrigger pylon and a B8V-20 rocked pod on the inner starboard pylon.