Air International 2017-08
C.Kjelgaard - Quietly Impressive /Commercial/
The PW1524G's final flight test, on P&W’s 747SP flying testbed, with the engine mounted on the inner port pylon.
According to CS100 launch operator Swiss, preliminary data evaluation confirms the PW1524G’s fuel-efficiency performance meets the expectations and guarantees.
The ratio of cold bypass air to hot core air in the PW1500G is 12:1, a ratio practically unachievable until P&W developed its geared turbofan technology.
PW1524G ground-testing at Pratt & Whitney’s West Palm Beach engine test facility.
The PW1524G is one of seven versions in the PW1500G family, with other variants powering other new airliners such as the A320neo, E-Jets E2 and Mitsubishi Regional Jet.
At 20dB below ICAO’s Chapter IV minimum-noise standard, the PW1524G’s airport noise footprint is up to 75% smaller than those of previous turbofan engines.