Air International 2014-11
K.Paloulian - Corsair's Sundown /Military/
The imposing sight of two single-seat A-7s taxying towards the ‘last chance’ checkpoint at Araxos Air Base. The twin-seat TA-7C could not taxi with the canopy raised due to its shape; the crew opened it during last-chance checks.
An A-7E gets airborne for another mission from Araxos. Those fortunate to fly the type said it was a 'joy' to fly, incredibly stable at low level, very powerful, reliable and rugged.
The tiger-striped Corsair seen from a TA-7C flying abeam Scorpio Island, a former Onassis family resort in the Ionian Sea.
The Corsair was an extremely stable aircraft for low altitude missions.
This 336 Mira A-7E's artwork depicts Mount Olympus, the eagle from the squadron badge and a stylised version of the Greek flag.
The TA-7C sent to RIAT 2014 for the type’s last UK visit wore an all-over camouflage scheme that was on the A- 7Es and TA-7Cs when originally delivered.
Despite its age, the A-7 matched up well against fourth-generation fighters especially at low level thanks to its manoeuvrability and near ‘smokeless’ engine, which heat-seeking missiles found hard to track.
The 335 Mira 'Tiger' aircraft holds at the Araxos last-chance area as 336’s specially-painted A-7 takes off. Now flying Block 52+ F-16s, 335 is the oldest HAF squadron, having been formed in October 1941.
A-7s maintained 24/7 QRA status throughout their career at various locations. Captured at Araxos Air Base during its twilight years is one such aircraft carrying Mk82 bombs and AIM-9L sidewinder missiles.
The 'Olympos' jet was part of the Corsair's retirement event in October 2014
Mounted on this A-7E’s wing is the Autonomous Free-Flight Dispenser System, which the Corsairs used during their last ten years of operation.
An A-7E at Araxos carrying laser-guided bombs and an AIM-9L for self defence.
The Texas Instruments ANB/AAR-45 forward-looking infrared pod remained a key element of the A-7’s armoury, helping students prepare for low-level and night sorties before stepping up to the Block 50 F-16C/D.
A 336 Mira pilot in an TA-7C during the final stage of training.