Air International 2014-11
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Flights inbound to Heathrow from Europe can be instructed to slow down thanks to the Cross Border Arrivals Management software.
Six Boeing 747s will be retired by mid-2016, although nine recently upgraded with new business class seats will be retained.
Etihad’s first A380 A6-APA after roll-out at Airbus Hamburg.
One of three rooms in The Residence aboard the Etihad Airways A380.
Analysts say Qantas' in-flight experience, typified by first-class suites on its A380, remains a differentiator.
Cost-cutting measures announced early in 2014 will see Qantas phase out its last Boeing 767-300ER by the end of the year.
Jetstar is Qantas’ offering in Asia-Pacific's competitive low-cost carrier market.
Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner A6-BLA showing the ‘Facets of Abu Dhabi' scheme.
Two angles of the EVO showing it’s symmetry and also it’s streamlined elegance.
Piaggio Aero says the Avanti EVO’s cabin will be 20% quieter than earlier versions of the aircraft.
Qantas domestic’s fleet includes 28 Boeing 737s - this one is pictured departing Cairns.
Ryanair received the first of 180 new Boeing 737-800s in September 2014.
Ryanair has a growing presence at hub airports.
An artist's impression of the new Boeing 737 MAX 200, of which Ryanair is the launch customer, with 100 firm orders and 100 options.