Air International 2014-09
P.Butowski - Novels of Novella /Military/
An Il-38 from Russian Naval Aviation’s Ostrov evaluation and crew conversion centre with 18 RGB-1A sonobuoys beside it. Typically, the airplane takes eight such containers. The five bombs in front of the aircraft are common FAB-250 high-explosive bombs and not Il-38's depth charges.
The Leninets 2SD1 slotted-array radar is a part of the Sea Dragon system. Its makers claim it can detect a submarine's periscope from 30-35km (18-21 miles).
The first upgraded Il-38N being rolled out of the hangar in July 2014 after painting into dark grey and named after Radiy Papkovsky, the Il-38 programme’s former manager.
The first of five ordered Il-38Ns is now at the 859th Naval Aviation Training Centre at Yeysk.
The four-channel SD5 electro-optical turret has TV, infrared imaging, laser rangefinder and automatic target tracking functions and is located beneath the nose.
The SD9 electronic sup­port measures antenna is situated over the front fuselage.
The most unusual aspect of the Il-38N's external shape is its three-decker nose with the bulbous fairing housing the Novella radar, then the crew deck with an electronic support measures housing on the top.
New buoys developed by Leninets for the Sea Dragon and Novella systems. From top: RMB-81 magnetometric buoy, RGB-48 passive directional sonobuoy, and the GB-58 noise generator.
IN306 is the fourth upgraded Indian Navy Il-38SD.
The Russian Navy’s first series Il-38 to receive the Novella upgrade pictured on take-off in July 2014 wearing its new dark grey colour scheme.
The first flight of upgraded Il-38SD and the last ever take-off from the Khodynka airfield.
The Sea Dragon system operator's post is fitted with two colour 380 mm (15 in) LCD displays and the control panel.