Air International 2014-09
S.Dworkin - The Raiders /Military/
Fast jets use a high-speed drogue; helicopters have a separate low-speed system.
The propellers' characteristics enable the KC-130J to operate from short-field runways.
A Rolls-Royce Allison AE2100 D3A engine undergoing maintenance inside VMGR-352’s hangar.
A view across the Raiders’ apron at Miramar.
The KC-130J’s glass cockpit, including head-up displays, has reduced the pilot’s workload.
The KC-130J’s rear cargo hold is designed to switch quickly between cargo and refuelling roles.
The KC-130J differs from earlier Hercules in having two rather than three loadmasters.
Loadmasters provide look-out during retuelling.
A removable fuel tank in the cargo hold enables the KC-130J to provide 24,392 lb (11,064 kg) of extra fuel if required.