Aeroplane Monthly 1993-02
M.Simons - Sling's sailplanes (7)
Two views of the Australian Kadet, imported as a kit in 1939 by members of the Gliding Club of Victoria. It first flew in January 1941 and still survives in Adelaide, but is not airworthy. Note the tall rudder, the absence of a landing wheel and the later type of fuselage.
RAF Kirby Cadet VM637. This Mk II glider is pictured in October 1946. The wire bracing between the lift struts is clearly visible.
PD628 was an early version of the Kirby Kadet, with straight fuselage back and no wheel. Inscribed County Borough of Merthyr Wing, this example is in ATC colours.
The prototype Kadet showing the straight-backed, fuselage, with raked nost and tall rudder. The glider was finished in clear dope and varnish all over.
This view of the ATC Kadet PD628 clearly shows the camouflage pattern on the glider’s surfaces.
Slingsby Type 7 Kirby Kadet (Cadet)