Aeroplane Monthly 1993-02
J.Meadows - Flying was still fun (5)
A 1943 photograph of a quartet of 84 FS USAAF P-47Cs and ’Ds on their way to an assignation over Europe - note the drop tanks.
Mosquito NF.30 RK953 pictured in May 1945. Built at Leavesden, it was delivered to 151 Squadron and operated from RAF Hunsdon.
A major advance in the performance of maritime radar came with the development of so-called "centimetric" equipment, with a 10-cm wavelength. As exemplified in the Mosquito NF Mk 30, a bulbous plastic radome replaced the fixed dipole nose aerial.
Mosquito NF.30 of 219 Sqn at Amiens in March 1945. Note the aircraft’s guns on the ground in front of the armourers. The shark’s mouth marking on the bulbous nose, housing the Mk X radar, is unusual.
Wg Cdr (later Air Vice-Marshal) Desmond Hughes, CO of 604 Sqn, and radar operator Flt Lt Laurie Dixon, photographed in summer 1944, probably at Hum.