Aeroplane Monthly 1993-12
C.Prower - From Brisfit to Beverley: Sweepback research (8)
The Sikorsky R-6, known in the RAF as the Hoverfly II. The type was in service with 657 AGP Sqn for a short period.
The four-seat Newbury A.P.4 Eon, designed by Aviation and Engineering Projects Ltd and built in 1947 by Elliotts of Newbury. G-AKBC was destroyed in a pilotless take-off from Lympne on May 14, 1950.
Mosquito XVI PF489 became the prototype TT.39 target-towing and naval gunnery target variant.
Mosquito TT.39 PF606, originally built as a Mk XVI, seen in Royal Navy livery in September 1948.
The GAL 56/01, TS507, portrayed in a General Aircraft photograph and superimposed against a dramatic cloud background.
Another view of GAL 61 TS515 at the 1948 SBAC show at Radlett. Note the retractable undercarriage.
GAL 61 TS515 at the SBAC show at Radlett in September 1948. It had not flown at the time of the show.
The General Aircraft G.A.L. 56/01 Experimental Tail-less Glider.
GAL 56/01 TS507, in which test pilot Robert Kronfeld lost his life while flying from Lasham on February 12, 1948.
Detail view of the GAL 61’s “trafficators”. These drag bars slid in and out to yaw the aircraft.