Aeroplane Monthly 1993-12
J.Wilkinson, R.Fox - RAAF Heritage Flight
The radial-engined section of the Heritage Flight, comprising museum and privately-owned Harvards and Winjeels, formate on the Australian War Memorial’s C-47 for a photo session. The Dak is operated for the War Memorial by the RAAF, and among other duties acts as a support aircraft for the Sabre.
A spectacular view of the Point Cook flightline from Jeff Trappett’s Mustang in formation with Mustang VH-BOB.
RAAF Museum CO Sqn Ldr John Matthews at the controls of the Lockheed Ventura, in formation with Bob Eastgate’s CAC Mustang flown by Darcy O’Connor, over RAAF Point Cook.
The Heritage Flight’s Harvard, a former RNZAF aircraft, with pilot Flt Lt Keith Williamson. The flight’s aircraft are operated by aircrew decked out in period uniforms.
With the acquisition of new hangarage the museum’s Maurice Farman Shorthorn - one of only two survivors - awaits public display and an engine installation.
One of the most popular display participants in the RAAF Museum's fleet is this Fokker Dr 1 replica, which is on loan from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.
A fine portrait of the museum’s replica Sopwith Pup.
Work has recently begun on a long-term project in the shape of this Supermarine Walrus. Virtually everything apart from the stainless steel fittings has to be remade.
The Commonwealth CA-27 Avon Sabre is currently the Heritage Flight’s only active jet aircraft.