Air International 1989-05
Model enthusiast
For obvious reasons, the furnishing of the cockpits of the various MiG-29 Fulcrum kits issued prior to or around the time of Farnborough '88, at which this Soviet fighter was to be seen in the flesh, was largely speculative. These kits, discussed in this column, all have their share of faults as related, some of these not readily rectified other than by scratch building, but the accompanying photographs should assist the modeller anxious to introduce as representative cockpit interior as possible.
Martin 139 WH-2, serial M520, was one of the aircraft in the second production batch built for Royal Netherlands Indies Army (KNIL), delivered in USAAC blue-and-yellow colour scheme.
Martin 139 WH-2, serial M524, in olive-green with added brown camouflage, and with the NEI marking that was introduced on 24 February 1942.
An ex-ML-KNIL Martin 139, WH-1 or WH-2, serving in 1944/45 with the Gron Bin Noi 6 (6th Wing) of the Royal Thai Air Force.
A Martin 139 WH-3 from the third production batch, serial M544, as repainted in 1940 with the wing, fuselage and tail insignia decreed on 23 September 1939.
This Martin 139 was one of three captured by Japanese forces in the NEI and evaluated by the Testing Division of the Army Aircraft Authority at Haneda, Tokyo.
(Below) Originally the Martin 139 WH-3A, serial M585, this aircraft "escaped" to Australia where it was used, less the nose turret, by the USAAF as a B-10.