Air International 1991-06
M.Spick - The Iron Tigers /Warbirds/
В сборочном цехе завода «Грумман». Слева - две линии сборки истребителей F9F-8 и TF9F-8, справа - линии сборки «Тигров»
The Grumman production lines at Bethpage in the mid-1950s with initial short-nosed F11F-1s, on the right, alongside F9F-8s and two-seat -8T
Airborne from Grumman's Peconic River Facility in Calverton, the unpainted prototype F9F-9 piloted by Corky Meyer is ’shadowed’ by an F9F-8 Cougar.
Aircraft 141853, an ex-‘Blue Angels’ F-11A, was modified by Grumman in 1973 to evaluate in-flight thrust control in combat using a Rohr-developed reverser. By early 1975 it, and a second unmodified aircraft, were back in storage, the last Tigers to fly.
A Tiger of VT-26 photographed at NARF El Centro in March 1967 when the type had received its later F-11A designation and just prior to its withdrawal from Air Training Command service.
What is believed to be the second prototype F9F-9 which incorporated an afterburner and modified intakes.
As demonstration aircraft, the Tigers were used by the 'Blue Angels' for a longer period than any other, from April 1957 to December 1968.
An aircraft of VF-33, one of only two USN Atlantic Fleet squadrons to fly Tigers. The type’s short operational service ran from February 1957 to April 1961.
Dwarfed by the slab superstructure of the USS "Saratoga" (CV 60), two short-nosed F11F-1s (138618 and 138630) from the NATC Pax River await further flights during carrier compatibility trials.
Grumman’s final attempt at prolonging the Tiger’s life was the F11F-1F Super Tiger. Two were flown (138646 and 138647) and showed great promise, but there were no takers and the programme was cancelled.
Area rule conferred on the Tiger supersonic performance and the 'coke bottle' effect on the fuselage can be clearly seen in this view. Also note the wing leading edge fillet which improved stability.
An early production F11F-1 with the taller fin and extended nose enclosing a refuelling probe.
In developed form with changes that included wing root fillets and a longer nose, the F11F-1 Tiger had an appealing, well-proportioned shape. This aircraft, BuNo 141738, displays an extended refuelling probe and dummy early-generation Sidewinder missiles.
Grumman F11F-1 (F-11A) Tiger
Grumman F-11F-1 (F-11A) Tiger.