Air International 1991-06
G.Jones - Crossair: Mature Teenager
Throughout 1991, Crossair will be flying this SF.340 painted in a scheme designed by ten-year-old Giacomo Fiscalini to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Federation.
Crossair hold a 40 per cent stake in the German regional airline Delta Air, one of whose Saab 340s is seen at Zurich.
Crossair Saab 340A HB-AHS at Geneva being prepared for a mid-day departure. Two more of the fleet, known in the Company as "Cityliners", can be seen in the background together with a Swissair DC-10 and a British Airways Boeing 737.
Impressive publicity shot of Crossair's first ten SF.340s lined up at Basel. Registrations run from HB-AHA to 'AHK, omitting the letter J which is seldom used by the Swiss.
The smart new Saab SF.340A entered service with the airline in June 1984, the design being tailored around typical Crossair operations. The company ordered 19 of this version before placing orders for the more powerful 340B.
One of five 46-seater Fokker 50s operated by the airline on behalf of Swissair.
Crossair is the launch customer for the Saab 2000, the new 50-passenger prop-jet successor to the SF.340B.
Pictured nosing in to noise-sensitive Lugano airport is one of Crossair’s three leased BAe 146-200s, a fourth will be introduced into service in September 1991 pending delivery of four new-build aircraft from 1992. The aircraft displays the “Jumbolino” logo below the cockpit.
One of the two Piper J3C Cubs photographed at a PFA rally in 1979 and registered to Business Flyers Basel AG, the company started by Crossair President Moritz Suter in February 1975. The other aircraft was HB-OBP.
Before the formation of Crossair, Business Flyers AG used this Cessna 421 in addition to HB-LGM and LIX. A Cessna 310Q HB-LIK was also in use.
Requiring a 19-seater, Crossair ordered the Metro II with which it began scheduled services in 1979. This was followed by nine Metro IIIs, one of which (HB-LNA) is seen here.
Almost indistinguishable from the later Metro III, the earlier Metro II has shorter-span wings and two TPE331 turboprops. The airline ordered three including HB-LLB seen here.