Air International 2016-05
R.Niccoli - Ghostrider /Military/
In addition to two MX-20i turrets and the 30mm cannon, the forward fuselage of the AC-130J features multiple blisters, fairings, and blade antennas.
Ten gunslinger tubes in the AC-130J’s rear cargo door are used to launch AGM-176A Griffin air-to-ground laser-guided missiles.
The GAU-23/A 30mm side-firing chain gun has a fire rate of 200 shots per minute.
The forward most externally mounted sensor on the AC-130J is an L-3 Wescam MX-20i turret housing electro-optical and infrared sensors and laser designator.
AC-130J 12-5753 undergoing ground-based system testing at Hurlburt Field. The aircraft is fitted with underwing pylons for weapon racks.