Air International 2016-05
R.Yanez, A.Rodriguez - Air Combat over the Canaries /Military/
Canadian company Discovery Air deployed two A-4N Skyhawks to Gando Air Base for DACEX.
Gando Air Base is located opposite to Gran Canaria Airport.
Zaragoza-based EF-18M C15.36/15-23 lands at Gando during DACEX.
Typhoon C16.52/11-16 seen on final approach to Gando Air Base during DACEX. The aircraft is assigned to Ala 11 based at Moron Air Base near Seville.
Gesellschaft fur Flugzieldarstellung or GFD, an Airbus Defence and Space company, deployed Learjet 35A D-CGFB equipped with electronic countermeasure pods to provide an array of electronic threats during each mission.