Air International 2016-10
S.Dworkin - Always Ready /Military/
MH-65s work with LA County Fire Department's Baywatch boats on a regular basis to practice various types of hoists.
Close up view of the hoist system on the MH-65. The hoist is capable of lifting approximately 600 lb; its assembly is attached to a movable boom.
Although not over water aircrew typically train throughout the Los Angeles area for VFR flight conditions here flying past the famous Hollywood sign.
A rescue swimmer is lowered via the hoist and a sling strap device to the water. The red rescue target, commonly called the sponge bob by crews that simulates a swimmer in distress, can be seen in the water. Crews practice different types of insertions (sling, basket, freefall) to the water to rescue Bob during a training flight.
An aircrewman prepares to lower a basket to a training vessel as the pilot in the right seat carefully manoeuvres the helicopter over the boat.
One of the air station's MH- 65s in the hangar during a major inspection with the radome open showing the antenna of the enhanced radar.
Side view shot from a second MH-65 as Dash 1 lowers a basket down to the lifeguard vessel.
With the Palos Verde Peninsula in the backdrop the LA County lifeguard inspects the basket in preparation for the helicopter to hoist it back up, typically the air station works with lifeguard boats at least once a week in the local area.
The MH-65D is powered by two Turbomeca Arriel 2C2-CG Turboshafts. The US Coast Guard recently reached a milestone with the Arriel engine surpassing one million flight hours in the MH-65.
MH-65D 6570 flies over the famous Queen Mary liner as part of a routine patrol over the Port of Long Beach.
MH-65D on final approach to the Air Station at Los Angeles International. The distinct LAX control tower and rotating restaurant are in the background. The common sight of MH-65s at U\X finished in May when 52 years of Coast Guard flight operations at LAX ended with the closure of the Air Station.
Equipment typically or can be carried on the MH-65 including basic EMT and hypothermia kits.
Rescue litters can be used to hoist a patient that needs to stay in a lie-flat position.
Shot of the cockpit of helicopter 6508, showing some of the new digital GPS and inertial navigation systems next to the original dials still used in the aircraft.