Air International 2016-10
J.Kraak - Gendarmerie Helicopters /Parapublic/
A GI EC145 in the hangar at Cazaux. The GI has at least one of each type operated by the FAGN.
Due to the small cabin size, the flight engineer’s seat in the AS350 is turned around so that he has enough room to assist intervention team personnel during fast roping.
Personnel from the intervention team fast rope from the AS350.
A GI AS350 awaiting its crew before a night mission.
One of the GI instructors explains how to install and operate the fast-roping system to students before the start of an exercise.
An EC135 lands in a field inside the Cazaux Air Base training area, which is ideal for practising winch­ing and fast roping techniques.
An EC135 moves forward while a student flight engineer tries to balance a heavy bag, simulating the weight of a person on the winch.
The student flight engineer checks is everything is OK before he allows the member of the intervention team to fast rope down.
Winching exercise with the EC 135 of the GI.
A student flight engineer winches up one of the GI's instructors while a second instructor evaluates the manoeuvre from the helicopter.
A student flight engineer lowers the winch before the start of an exercise.