Air International 2017-03
A.Spaeth - IranAir Finally Takes Off /Commercial/
Airbus formally delivered Iran Air’s first A321 during a handover ceremony in Toulouse on January 11, 2017.
A321 EP-IFA at Iran Air’s facility at Mehrabad Airport following its delivery.
This photo, taken at Tehran Mehrabad Airport on January 19, 2017, shows the first commercial flight using Iran Air’s initial A321 EP-IFA, with the city of Tehran in the background.
Iran Air’s Chief Executive Officer says the arrival of the new aircraft symbolises how the lifting of sanctions can bring results for Iranian citizens.
Iran Air is due to receive 98 aircraft from Airbus, among which are 20 Airbus A320 family jets and 24 Airbus A320neos.
The Iran Air A321 is configured with 194 seats, each of which have in-flight entertainment screens - a first for Iran Air.