Air International 2020-07
P.Butowski - New roles for the Foxhound
Another view of MiG-31K '99'. Initial deliveries were made to the 929th State Flight-Test Centre in Akhtubinsk.
MiG-31K aircraft '90' and '92' perform for the public over Moscow's Red Square in May 2018. Existence of the Kinzhal had been confirmed just two months earlier.
This view of MiG-31 '82' carrying the Burevestnik missile makes for a good comparison with the previous image of MiG-31K '93'. Note the lack of recesses for the original R-33AAMs.
A good view of the izdeliye 292 missile under the belly of MiG-31K '93'. The missile - an airborne version of the ground forces' Iskander - has received the NATO codename 'Killjoy".
The Ishim project as presented back in 2005. This was a joint Russian-Kazakh initiative for an aerospace system sharing some similarities with today's Burevestnik.
Another pair of Russian Aerospace Forces MiG-31Ks, this time '89' and '99'. Eleven of these aircraft have been identified to date.
A schematic view of the MiG-31K izdeliye 06 strike (above) and MiG-31 izdeliye 08 anti-satellite versions.