Air International 2020-07
??? - Typhoon eyes the future
A Royal Air Force Tranche 3 Typhoon FGR4 in full Project Centurion fit.
Luftwaffe Tranche 2/3 Eurofighters are now fully capable in the air-to-ground role.
Photographed in May 2020 at Norvenich air base, Luftwaffe Eurofighter 31+49 (GS0109) had received special Quadriga/Tranche 4 markings ahead of its planned appearance at the now-cancelled ILA Berlin airshow.
A proposed layout for the new Eurofighter cockpit in the Long-Term Evolution project.
Eurofighter Long-Term Evolution plans to introduce upgrades that will massively improve firepower for the Eurofighter.
This impressive artist's rendition shows the Typhoon carrying 16 air-to-air missiles.