Air International 2020-07
P.Eden - Range Redefined
The G700's beautifully clean wing contributes to its exceptional high-altitude performance.
Gulfstream revealed the G700 with this cabin mockup in a dramatic ceremony at the 2019 NBAA-BACE show in Las Vegas.
Although it is not entirely new to the G700, the Symmetry Flight Deck has been further developed and refined for the aircraft.
Left: Flexibility is key to bizjet cabins, especially those of ultra long-range aircraft where passengers are likely to want to work and rest. Gulfstream uses this as an example of a six-place conference setting, but it could just as easily become a casual dining area.
Right: Looking aft, the G700's well-equipped yet uncluttered cabin is revealed. The individual seats recline and rotate out from the cabin walls into the aisles. A couch behind the seat to port provides for family TV viewing, with a large monitor mounted on a cabinet to starboard.
Left: Thanks to its expansive cabin, the G700 has space for a master bathroom, off the master bedroom suite.
Right: Comfort, especially the facility for proper, restful sleep, is among the most highly prized cabin assets. The G700 master suite features a double bed.
Unmistakeably a Gulfstream, this computer-generated image demonstrates the G700's optimisation of the manufacturer's distinctive oval window design.
Development of the Gulfstream G700 has been under way for some time, with two aircraft already assembled.