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??? - The airliner that went to war
A Junkers Ju 86B-0 of DLH at Berlin Airport, parked behind a second aircraft of the same type.
The Ju 86 V4 D-AREV, one of the prototypes of the commercial version, in DLH service. The nacelle shape differed from that of the production Ju 86B-0 with Jumo engines.
The production Ju 86B-0 with Jumo engines.
Среди зарубежных покупателей Ju 86 была и Южная Африка. Доработанные бомбардировщики Ju 86Z-7 из 12-й эскадрильи SAAF (на снимке) первоначально использовались авиакомпанией "South African Airways" для коммерческих перевозок. Эти самолеты были оснащены рядными двигателями Pratt & Whitney Hornet.
Junkers Ju 86Z-7s of the South African Air Force, after conversion from transports to bomber configuration.
The same aircraft modified for service with the Swedish Air Force.
A SAA Ju 86Z-7, temporarily named Saul Solomon before becoming Jan van Riebeeck.
On of the SAA Junkers after conversion for the South African Air Force.
The first Ju 86B-0 supplied to Swissair: it operated for only a few month.
Junkers Ju 86s in production for South African Airways in 1936.
One of several Ju 86Z-2s supplied to Manchuria for operation by the local airline, which was closely controlled by the military authorities. These aircraft carried military-style insignia on the wings and tail unit, and the "registrations" fell between M-212 and M-223.
The head-on, plan and centre side-view depict the Ju 86C-1, with Jumo 205 engines and rear-fuselage fairing. The upper side-view shows the version with Kestrel engines and without the fairing while the lower side-view depicts the Ju 86Z-7.