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Fighter A to Z (8)
The Ar 80 V2 as originally flown with a Rolls-Royce Kestrel V engine.
The Ar 80 V2 after being re-engined with the Jumo 210C.
The Ar 240 V10 (alias Ar 240C-02) was the prototype for the planned Ar 240C-2 two-seat night fighter.
The sole prototype of the BMW 132-powered variant of the Ar 68, the Ar 68H, which also featured an enclosed cockpit.
The Jumo 210A-engined Ar 68E-1.
The last fighter of biplane configuration developed in Germany, the Ar 197 was intended for shipboard use. The third prototype is illustrated.
The only prototype completed of the F.K.6 three-seat airship interceptor and long-range escort fighter.
The F.K.9 quadriplane in its modified form, photographed at the Central Flying School, Upavon, late in 1916.
This F.K.10 (N511) was the first of two fighter-reconnaissance aircraft of this type built for the RNAS by the Phoenix Dynamo Manufacturing Company.
The standard Clerget-engined F.K.10 as built by Angus Sanderson & Company.