Aeroplane Monthly 1974-04
P.Moss - Wings for the Empire (4)
Avro 652, G-ACRN, Ava, showing the similarity to the later Anson.
D.H.86B, Dorado, seen at Hong Kong, was based at the Penang station.
D.H.86, G-ACPL, Delphinus, before conversion to dual control.
G-ADUF, Dido, at Tai Qali, Malta, on November 21, 1938.
Short S.23 Empire boat, G-ADHM, Caledonia, flying over New York in 1938.
Short S.23 Empire boat, G-AEUA, Calypso, before she was transferred to QEA.
Mail being loaded aboard Cambria at Southampton in 1937. This aircraft was later used for in-flight refuelling experiments.
Caledonia again, this time at Foynes at the mouth of the Shannon during proving flights in July 1937.
Vickers Vellox, G-ABKY, at Croydon in April 1936.
Short S.17L, G-ACJJ, Scylla, landing at Croydon.
Boulton Paul P.71A, G-ACOX, Boadicea, preparing to depart from Croydon.
The other Boulton Paul P.71A, G-ACOY, Britomart, also at Croydon.