Air International 2020-09
S.Rivas - Fighting criminals all over Argentina
The old Cessna Citation of the force is mainly used to carry prisoners across the country.
The new Twin Otter is the main acquisition on the fixed wing area in 40 years, received in 2019, boosting considerably the transport capacity of the force, now that they are increasing their operations across the country.
The force received in 2019 a Robinson R-44 that was confiscated, for use on training.
One of the EC145s of the force flying over Buenos Aires harbour. The force has two of the type, with the other painted in white and used for VIP flights.
The force still uses its single BK117 for medical evacuation, mainly in the city of Buenos Aires. They also have an EC135 dedicated for this mission.
Screen of the Carl Zeiss Optronics/Leo III HD installed on an EC135. The helicopters of the force operate regularly all-day round on all kind of missions. During the COVID-19 emergency they perform patrol operations over the main cities of the country.
The H145 meant a big improvement for the force in terms of technology. As with the other EC145 it's used for a wide variety of missions, including patrol, transport, medical evacuation and firefighting.
The H145 of the Federal Police flying over their main heliport in the harbour of Buenos Aires.