Aeroplane Monthly 1977-11
A.Ord-Hume - Arrow Active /British pre-war ultralights/
Both Actives had a wing span of 24ft (lower wings 20ft) and a length of 18ft 7in. The Active II was 1 1/2in taller at 7ft 7 1/2in, and both aircraft had a wing area of 120 sq ft.
Active II with wings folded, 1931.
The Active II in its present form
The same aircraft being flown by Neil Williams in June 1968.
Both Actives seen at the 1932 King's Cup, which commenced from Brooklands on July 8. Both were unplaced, Flt Lt Leach averaging 137 m.p.h. in the Active II.
Active II at the 1933 King's Cup Race.
The same aircraft about to leave Heston for the start of the 1931 King's Cup Race. It landed in a field near Cardington and was retired.
Active II with modified fin and rudder, Panshanger, 1961.
Another view of G-ABVE in its present form.
Alex Henshaw, in company with the inevitable bobby, stands by the burnt-out wreckage of his Active I G-ABIX at Markschapel, Lincs (Covenham, Lincs. ???), on December 30, 1935.