Aeroplane Monthly 1977-11
M.Hooks - British Airways Helicopters 1947-1977
This Bristol 173 Mk2 was leased to BEA in August 1956, having been previously used for naval trials in 1954.
This Bristol 171 Mk3A, G-AMWG, was leased to BEA during 1954-6. It later became VH-INQ and finally crashed in Queensland in September 1961. Note the rear extension for light freight carrying.
Agusta-Bell 47J G-APTH was supplied to BEA in 1959. It was powered by a 240 h.p. Lycoming VO-435-A1D engine.
One of two Bell 47B-3s employed by BEA, G-AKFA was damaged beyond repair at Gatwick on January 4, 1955.
In 1955 there were active proposals for a floating helicopter platform on the Thames. BEA’s S-55 Whirlwind G-ANFH is seen during noise measurement tests in connection with that scheme.
BEA's Sikorsky S-51 G-AJOV over Northolt shortly before the inauguration of thrice daily return flights to Birmingham airport on June 1, 1951.
Sikorsky S-51 G-AKCU was one of three S-51s used on the Peterborough-Norwich experimental service in February-March 1949.
Mainstay of the current British Airways helicopter fleet is the Sikorsky S-61.
British Airways' Sikorsky S-58ET G-BCLO was purchased as part of the expansion into the oil business.