Aeroplane Monthly 1977-11
F.Mormillo - Rhinebeck weekend
The best-known aircraft fitted with a Clerget was the Sopwith Camel; the type used Clerget 9Bs and 9Bfs. Other aircraft powered by Clergets included the Sopwith Triplane and 1 1/2 Strutter, Avro 504K and Nieuport 12.
Dick Day's Camel makes a fly-past
The “Black Baron's” Fokker DrI is shot down in flames after dismissing the Sopwith Pup
Palen’s Fokker Triplane reproduction.
The Fokker Triplane makes a sprightly take-off.
A fine study of the F.E.8.
The F.E.8 displays its trailing edge cut-out, nacelle-mounted Lewis gun and "cannon" protruding from the nose.
Palen’s F.E.8;
How the Black Baron is vanquished - a rocket fired from the struts of the Avro 504K.
Le Rhone-engined Avro 504K replica E2939, built in England by Vivian Bellamy for an abandoned film and snatched up by Palen;
Dick King's Sopwith Pup;
The Sopwith Pup, flown by Dick King.
The Thomas-Morse scout during its barnstorming demonstration. Many examples of this scout/trainer passed into civil ownership at the end of their service lives.