Air International 2021-01
A.Warnes - The hero of Aero
L-39NG 7002 was used as a static test aircraft at the national VZLU (Czech Aerospace Research Centre) during type certification
The second L-39NG 7004 (0476) made its first flight in December 2019, a year after the prototype
One of the six Uzbekistan Air Force L-39Cs to be overhauled by Aero comes into land at the company's airfield in August 2020
Prototype L-39NG 7001 (Czech MoD no 0475) lifts off the grass strip at Aero Vodochody during unprepared runway
The first PP16 L-159 undergoes a flight test on June 31, 2020. It was delivered back to its home base at Caslav in the middle of the Czech Republic September 16