Air International 2021-01
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24 октября 2019г. ВМС Германии получили первый вертолет Airbus Helicopters NH90 Sea Lion, который представляет собой специальный вариант сухопутного NH90 NFH. От базовой машины он отличается новыми навигационным оборудованием и системой «свой-чужой», а также двумя 12,7-мм пулеметами. Вертолет предназначен для выполнения широкого спектра задач, включая поисково-спасательные работы, транспортные операции, высадку групп спецназа, разведку. Он может действовать с палуб кораблей нескольких типов. По планам, до 2022 г. германский флот должен получить 18 «Морских львов».
Germany is due to receive 31 of the NHIndustries NH90 Sea Tigers
Former US Marine Corps AH-1W Super Cobra 160113 ‘MM-21’ arrives at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, for future research and development use at the US Army CCDC Armaments Center
A CMV-22B from VRM 30 lands on the aircraft carrier USS 'Carl Vinson'
US Air Force C-21A Learjet 84-0135, the first with the new Delta Fins, which are clearly visible under the rear fuselage, taxies out for departure from Newton City Airport on November 10, 2020. After completion of the modifications, it returned to Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, to rejoin the 458th Airlift Squadron
US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper '08-4050 ‘OT’, assigned to the 556th Test and Evaluation Squadron, on the ramp at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada, on September 3, 2020, carrying an AIM-9X Block 2 air-to-air missile. During test firing of the weapon, it was successfully employed against a BQM-167 target drone simulating a cruise missile. This was only the second time an AIM-9 had been launched from a Reaper, the first being in November 2017. Another recent Reaper weapons upgrade has involved the incorporation of new software that allows doubling of AGM-114 Hellfire capacity to enable it to carry eight of those missiles
Artificial intelligence will be tested on the MQ-9.
A Cessna 550 Citation II in Coulson colours at the company's Port Albemi facility in British Columbia, Canada Coulson Aviation
More than 190 Leonardo helicopters of various types operate in Brazil in private transport, offshore and parapublic roles
Most famous for its appearance in children's TV show Come Outside which starred Lynda Baron, the Rene Fournier-designed type remains popular with GA pilots
The first solar-powered flight in a production electric aircraft departed from Reedley Municipal Airport, California
A model of the Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet in the high-speed wind tunnel at the ONERA facility in France
An Embraer Praetor 600 destined for Flexjet in Europe, outside Embraer Executive Jet’s facility in Melbourne, Florida awaiting its delivery flight across the Atlantic
Wisk and NASA are to jointly explore autonomous flight
Two-seat EHang 216 urban mobility vehicles being trialled in South Korea as part of efforts to ease traffic congestion
An artist’s impression of the TriFan 200
Stratospheric Platforms’ high-flying telecoms platform will take flight in 2022
Around 250 examples of GippsAero Airvan have been produced since 2000.