Air International 2021-01
B.Taghvaee - SNAP decisions
A TLG-33 Tornado simulates a close air support mission on September 9, 2020
A Sikorsky CH-53GS of HSG64 and a Special Operations Forces Airbus H145M light utility helicopter of the same unit circle over Norvenich on September 9, 2020
Six of the eight Typhoons of TLG-31 on the runway on September 8, 2020
Eurofighter 31+34 fitted with a Litening III targeting pod and an IRIS-T captive training missile, seen over Norvenich Air Base
A German Air Force A400M leads a formation of four TLG-31 Eurofighters over Norvenich Air Base
A former F-4F Phantom II pilot, Colonel Danilo Schlag, commander of TLG-31, can be seen in the cockpit of his specially painted Eurofighter nicknamed Sword of Boelcke on September 9, 2020
One of the last seven operational C-160Ds of the German Air Force is seen here back-tracking down runway 25 at Norvenich Air Base